not-the-damn-manager the-damn-manager
Musings while learning

This post is just a bunch of things I encountered while catching up on tech for [Not] The Damn Manager. There won’t be much of a through-line or story, as I’m just jotting things down as I encounter them. This post may update a couple of times if I come across other things that fit in here better than their own post.

not-the-damn-manager the-damn-manager
Coming back to Personal Development: Old Friends, New Friends, and Authentication Woes

Between learning everything needed for a new job (Ruby / frameworks / tools / company / product / etc), a global pandemic, and the ever growing pile of tech debt that comes from having a mobile application that you aren’t constantly updating (Make Me Move, only available on Android because apparently not deploying new versions is enough to get booted from the App Store): I haven’t felt much of a drive for side projects in a while. But that seems...

todo-app flutter
Todo in Flutter

Today we’re going to create a Todo application using Flutter. Flutter is a cross platform framework created by Google that uses the Dart language to create Android and iOS applications with a lot of code sharing opportunities. Full source code for this application is available on GitHub.

Android Camera2 Xamarin
Trials and Tribulations with Android Camera2 API

I recently had the opportunity to work with the Android Camera2 API on a Xamarin project for a client. I found the API tough to start using initially, so I decided to create a post about using it to help reinforce what I learned. I’m definitely not an expert in Camera2 yet, but this should help others (or future me) understand the basics and save a lot of ramp-up time.

gps gpx kml
GPS Movement Routes

This is just a quick post to host something I’ve searched for but never been able to find: pre-built GPS movement routes. I used the app GPSLogger on Android to create the routes, creating one mixed-speed driving route and one walking circuit.

todo-app react-native
Todo in React Native

In this post we’re going to build a basic Todo application using React Native. React Native is a cross platform tool created by Facebook that lets you build iOS and Android applications. It provides a lot of code sharing between applications, both from your business logic and at least some of your UI code. This doesn’t include platform specific controls, like Android’s Floating Action Button, or native behaviors, like notifications, but it still allows a lot of re-use. Let’s get...

todo-app xamarin ios
Todo in Xamarin Native Part 2 (iOS)

In this post we’re going to create a todo application on iOS using Xamarin Native. We’ll see how we can leverage the Core code we’ve already written, allowing us to concentrate on the iOS specific code. This is a continuation of the Android app we created in part 1, so I recommend reading that first if you haven’t already.

todo-app xamarin android
Todo in Xamarin Native Part 1 (Android)

In this post we’re going to create a todo application on Android using Xamarin Native. Xamarin is a cross platform development tool on the .NET stack that allows you to share application logic and other ‘core’ code (like data persistence, API access, etc) across target platforms. To get started we’re going to create the default project files and see what Xamarin gives us out of the box.

todo-app xamarin forms
Todo in Xamarin Forms

Today we’re going to look at creating a Todo application using Xamarin Forms. Xamarin Forms is a cross platform framework build on the .NET stack that allows for massive code re-use across platforms. It allows us to share both the application logic and the UI code between multiple target platforms (mostly). There are some exceptions for truly native behavior, of course, like Notifications and platform-specific elements like the Android Floating Action Button, but we won’t go into them today. For...

Creating Todo Mobile

This is the the first post in a series where I’ll create a simple Todo application on both Android and iOS using multiple systems. I’ve wanted to try out new ways of building apps for a while, and this is both an outlet and motivation for me to keep making the same thing over and over. The series will be released over time, with each post uploaded after I finish building the application with the current framework. I’m starting with...